How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Different type of finish of hardwood flooring has the different cleaning requirement. No matter it is engineered wood flooring or solid flooring, the finish is the key. In most cases, regardless of what type of flooring you have or how it has been finished, you flooring will be easy to keep looking for many years.

Comparing with carpets, Engineered Wood Flooring and solid flooring is low maintenance. In life, the best way to keep flooring cleaning is not to make a mess of it in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, and when you are going to repair, it is too late.

You can put door mats at the door, which will do a lot to reduce the amount of mess, but will also prevent potentially harmful things like grit and gravel from getting to your real or engineered wood flooring. Water will cause some problems, so you should wipe it immediately.

Dust should be swept off with a soft broom or carefully vacuumed away. Dampish mop is suitable for engineered hardwood flooring. It is easy to clean the flooring by the floor cleaner. However, hardwood flooring is a natural product, you had better to use the good quality cleaner.

If you have an oiled wood flooring finish, then you should clean in practically the same as you wood a lacquered floor but take extra care when choosing a cleaning product. Oiled floors are at risk of having their finish striped away by certain cleaning products, even if those products might be safe for other finishes.


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