Why We Choose Laminate Flooring for Home Decoration

If you ask me why I used the Laminate Flooring for home decoration, I think the service life may the reason for me to choose it. Comparing with engineered hardwood, vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring and other type of carpet covering, laminate flooring is not durable, but also is environmental protection, low price and aesthetics.

If you have pets, I suggest you to use the laminate flooring. The toenails of pets did mar the surface, which was so sad. You don’t worry about they will scratch the floors, and the pets can run full speed on our floors and not make even the tiniest mark on them.

Laminte Flooring

Laminate flooring is much more affordable than other types flooring, but still has high gloss, eir hand scraped and matching registered looks. The solid flooring will over budget, but the laminate flooring can meet your requirements. We could not afford to put hardwoods throughout the house, especially since we prefer hardwoods to be installed, then sanded and finished in place.

I must say the laminate flooring is easy to install. Even you are not professional on it, you can finished installation by yourself. If you do not have much time, laminate flooring is suitable for you.

Laminate flooring has come much a long way! Hand scraped laminate flooring (at least the ones that we chose) are just as pretty as many hardwood floors, in my opinion, so they win, or at least come out even with hardwoods in the aesthetics department.



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