The Formaldehyde in Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you suffer an allergy, Engineered Hardwood Flooring will be a good investment in your health. However, it will be another problem. Cheap engineered hardwood flooring can give off formaldehyde. MDF of engineered hardwood flooring will release formaldehyde, but it is still a cheap alternative to natural wood. Even high-end engineered wood floors may consist partly out of MDF to prevent the actual wood from changing shape. MDF is simply a manufactured sheet material made by bonding together wood fibres with glue. It is very versatile, used for floors and for all kinds of furniture applications.

Generally speaking, formaldehyde is from adhesive glue of engineered hardwood flooring. Formaldehyde levels are normally not more than 0.03 parts per million, which should not pose a health risk. However, inside homes or offices containing formaldehyde-emitting products levels may rise above this. Customers should pay attention that some engineered hardwood flooring contains formaldehyde.

The danger lies in MDF boards made outside the EU and imported here, which may have higher emissions. There is no real regulatory control although there are a number of third parties, not properly addressing engineered wood flooring and formaldehyde. Or you can buy the wood flooring which is made from MPDI, and it has non-formaldehyde.

How to prevent the formaldehyde to damage your health? If you are working in the flooring market, watch out for any allergy symptoms caused by formaldehyde exposure when you come into the property-such as headaches, sore eyes and so on. You can use a high efficiency air purifier filter should be used to clean up MDF dust to save breathing it in. The engineered hardwood flooring has to meet with the national standard.



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