Care for Flooring before You Leave on Vacation

If you are going to have a vacation, there is something you need to pay attention. Generally speaking, you just take care whether the door was locked or unlocked. However, do you know that the flooring will be damaged by some factors? We want to make sure the floors last for the lifetime of the home and don’t succumb to damage that could have easily been avoided.

First of all, you need to check weather. The weather is in your hometown, not the vacationing spot. We all know how unpredictable temperature and humidity can be, so making sure you are prepared is an important part in the maintenance of your homes climate, and ensuring no damage comes to your floors. No matter what type of flooring covering you have, most materials react to climate, expanding or contracting. Keeping indoor temperature and humidity is very important.

Keep windows close! If the windows are opening, the rain will damage the goods include your Engineered Hardwood Flooring or laminate flooring. We have some consumers forgot close widows. They must spend money to repair the floorings.

Don’t turn the thermostat off. Many people will unplug things and turn everything else to off. This is a good habit, but you should keep the thermostat on.  Keeping in mind that your indoor temperature should remain anywhere between 65-75 degrees with a relative humidity level between 30%-50%, setting your homes thermostat to turn on if/when the temperature has a drastic change, is a crucial and completely necessary step in preventing damage to your floors while you're away.  Your thermostat should be thought of as your single and only line of defense to unwanted floor damage and buckling while you're away.


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