The Moisture of Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are going to install engineered wood flooring, moisture is a problem, and you should ask professionals to measure the moisture of flooring. Normally, the moisture content of engineered wood flooring is 12% or less. If you ignore this moisture problem and keep installing, the question is going to raise its ugly head and potentially causes significant problems. There are two key measures to remedy-vapour barriers and damp proof membranes.

What is vapour barriers? It is a damp proofing product, which is attached to an engineered wood flooring. However, the vapour barrier is not damp proof, and it is well worth remembering that they will only be effective in situations where moisture levels are slight.

Damp proof membrane is a waterproof barrier of Engineered Hardwood Flooring. This damp proof membrane can avoid damp or moisture problems in the future. A lot of the time, the thickness and quality of damp proof membrane will affect it efficiency and service life. This measure can stop the moisture for a long time.

It is essential that any moisture barrier was used in the installation. A ply subfloor between the barrier and the floor board that is sufficiently thick to make sure your nails or staples don't contact with the barrier. Engineered wood flooring is an investment for the along term and it would be shame to shorten your investment's life expectancy by ignoring a problem that you know exist.



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