Proper Adhesives for Engineered Wood Flooring

Proper adhesives for Engineered Wood Flooring is important to installation. Sometimes, people tired to save money by doing the installation themselves and unknowingly used the wrong adhesive. Actually, professional will use the most proper adhesive to install engineered wood flooring.

Which is the right adhesive for engineered wood flooring? Normal adhesives do not meet the standards. It causes the wood to expand and unfortunately destroy more hardwood floors for a long time than they do in securing them for lifetime performance. We recommend urethane-based adhesives that will prevent damage caused by subfloor moisture. This adhesives has low moisture vapor permeability and it not adversely affected by moisture vapor. You can buy it in famous brand.

Adhesives for Engineered Wood Flooring

Follow closely the adhesive labeling instructions, Technical Data sheet, and the flooring products installation instructions, and advisories pertaining to if (moisture testing procedures are necessary, if moisture barriers are required or limits of use and trowel size recommendations). Depending on the selection and application of a particular adhesive, you may be required to test for concrete moisture and or to use moisture barriers. When in doubt about an adhesive application or requirement call the adhesive manufacturer. Not following the adhesive manufacturer recommendations of the products selected for use can lead to installation failure or product damage and will void your warranty.

Proper adhesives make the engineered wood flooring has the long service time. If you have any questions, you can contact Senssewood for help.



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