Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

As we know Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring is very popular with people . Oak is a medium hard wood , which is the perfect hardness to be used as a flooring material . The particular density and surface texture of oak boards to make them perfect for standing . Oak timber is porous , . So it can soak up the staining agents used and provide a smooth and uniform color across its surface . We have to know that the oak also has the different types.

How to distinguish the different types of oak engineered hardwood flooring ? White engineered hardwood flooring is darker than red oak . There is another difference that is the rays of the tree , and the brown streaks running along the grain of the boards . White oak board has the 2cm rays , but the red are shortening than the white oak . This is the most common way to tell the two species apart , but is can be tricky doing so with sanded or stained boards , as the processes tend to smudge and cover the rays.

There is another way to distinguish . It is the density . The density of oak engineered hardwood flooring is less than white oak , so the red oak wood has more porous . A good sanding and a durable lacquer finish should be more than enough to keep the red oak boards sealed . However , white oak pores are filled with tyroes , which protects the wood water and rot . It means that the white engineered hardwood flooring is more suitable for damp and high-traffic areas such as commercial areas and basement . White oak engineered hardwood flooring will react to any stain , and red oak is also great so soaking up stains.

Know the characteristics of the two most commonly used species of oak are important to you . You can choose the different types according to your requirements.



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