Why Skirting After Floor Installation

Can you imagine how it will be ugly without skirting after floor installation? Just like you forget to wear socks when you put on a beautiful suit. Actually it is not only funny by looking without skirting, but also it is a protection to the floor and wall.

skirting for engineered wood flooring

Let's see why we have to put skirting after floor installation.

To cover the gap between flooring and wall,

As we know a certain installation gap has to be remained between floor and wall, do you know why? For floating floor, people don't use keels and no nails for installation, just joint floor panels by click system, so the floor is "Floating" on the ground after installation, and there is a certain dimension change from the floor in different season. In winter the air is very dry the wooden floor will release inside moisture and the size will become smaller, oppositely in rainy season, the moisture content will be higher in humid condition, so the floor will expand a little more. That's why we have to leave "expansion gap" between floor and wall after installation. The skirting is the perfect material to cover this gap, It's functional.

Wall protection,

In daily floor maintenance, the bottom of the wall is the place where usually be touched and easy to be damaged. So it is a good protection to install skirting at the bottom of the wall. It is not only for protection the wall damage, but also a protection to keep the wall clean, because the bottom of the wall is always be touch by our shoes or some other articles with dirty.

Decoration of transition,

Beside the practicability, the skirting is a good decorative material to transit from wall to floor. the design color of the floor is normally in dark and the wall is light color. We can make a transitional region to choose a middle light design skirting. or choose a total different color design to make a personalized design if the floor and wall is in a similar color tone.

Different kinds of skirting

From different material ,There are two kinds of skirting, One is wooden skirting, another one is plastic skirting. Wooden skirting is luxury and mainly use for wooden floor, and plastic skirting is normally use for PVC floor or some commercial area. From the price, the wooden skirting is much more expensive than plastic skirting, but plastic skirting is total waterproof. So to choose an appropriate products is very important.


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