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How is Your Flooring?

We have pointed out that the differences between Engineered Wood Flooring and solid flooring or engineered wood flooring and Laminate Flooring before. Today, we will compare the differences among of three.

As everyone knows that laminate flooring is cheapest between them because of its materials. Its surface is a piece of plastic with a photographic image of a wood grain, and the base board is MDF. The surface we call it as wearing layer, and it is also known to be scratch resistant, but non-repairable once damaged. The appearance of the wood grain is achieved in laminate but is repeated throughout the floor, making the laminate flooring look very unnatural and very cheap.

Solid wood flooring is the most durable choice. When you lay flooring, you should pay attention to that the timber will absorb any moisture present in the subfloors. Under the supervision of professional staffs, the solid flooring will achieve the warmth and charm effect. The thickness will range from 15mm to 20mm, with the benefit of sanding and refinishing the floorboards over several generations of use. Timber is natural product, so flooring is environmental protection. However, it also will expand to the relative humidity of where it’s installed. To accommodate for the floors’ seasonal changes and expansion gap between the floor and the wall is required.

Engineered wood flooring is made of a top layer of 3-5mm thick solid wood, and the base layer is plywood. This construction is more tolerant to changes in temperature and relative humidity. This kind of flooring is strength and stability, and you will achieve the same look and feel of solid wood flooring.


Why We Choose Laminate Flooring for Home Decoration

If you ask me why I used the Laminate Flooring for home decoration, I think the service life may the reason for me to choose it. Comparing with engineered hardwood, vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring and other type of carpet covering, laminate flooring is not durable, but also is environmental protection, low price and aesthetics.

If you have pets, I suggest you to use the laminate flooring. The toenails of pets did mar the surface, which was so sad. You don’t worry about they will scratch the floors, and the pets can run full speed on our floors and not make even the tiniest mark on them.

Laminte Flooring

Laminate flooring is much more affordable than other types flooring, but still has high gloss, eir hand scraped and matching registered looks. The solid flooring will over budget, but the laminate flooring can meet your requirements. We could not afford to put hardwoods throughout the house, especially since we prefer hardwoods to be installed, then sanded and finished in place.

I must say the laminate flooring is easy to install. Even you are not professional on it, you can finished installation by yourself. If you do not have much time, laminate flooring is suitable for you.

Laminate flooring has come much a long way! Hand scraped laminate flooring (at least the ones that we chose) are just as pretty as many hardwood floors, in my opinion, so they win, or at least come out even with hardwoods in the aesthetics department.

Lamiante Flooring

Looking for Best Laminate Flooring

Today, here are many kinds of flooring can be chosen: engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring, solid flooring, laminate flooring or anything else. From traditional view, most people would like to get solid flooring. Now, we turn our attention to laminate flooring, which also has a number of permutations and options that you need ti think about and choose from!

Laminate flooring is made of MDF with wearing layer and decorative layer, which has been designed in such a way so as to be able to mimic just about any kind of flooring material.

Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring: this kind of flooring is durable, resilient, warm and full of character and adds an authentic look and feel to the wood grain texture, and people choose it because of its design close to natural wood. If you want to get the look of wood flooring, but none of the hassle of maintaining and installing real hardwood floors, hand scraped laminated floor is the answer to all your problems.

lamiante flooring

Textured Laminate Flooring: if the flow of people is heavy such as offices, meeting room or other public places, you should consider this kind of laminate flooring. The top layer is thick, which can avoid to scratch, even it adds a lot of charm to the interiors. The idea is to help avoid any kind of scratches and marks on the surface, thereby keeping the wooden flooring’s design and structure intact.

Smooth Laminate Flooring: the natural finish, the glossy touch and the ability to mimic any type of wooden flooring design makes it a very practical option for people looking to add a class to their interiors. The smooth laminated flooring is available in different shades and hues.

Lamiante Flooring

How to Select Right Laminate Flooring

In the market, there are a lot of flooring can be chosen. How to select the flooring what is suitable for you especially? How to select right Laminate flooring.

Famous Manufacturers and Distributors
Laminate flooring is a product with high technique and it is quite difficult to know its quality only judging from appearance without professional quality tests. Famous manufacturers and distributors can offer high quality products and good service. Senssewood will recommend you to choose commercial laminate flooring or residential laminate flooring.

Wear-resisting Revolutions
The wear resistance of laminate flooring mainly depends on the dosage of aluminum trioxide on the surface. Certain dosage of aluminum trioxide decides the wear-resisting revolutions of laminate flooring. You could choose the different wear-resisting surface according personal choice. For example, the wear-resisting revolutions of residential usage should be more than 6000, and the commercial laminate flooring should be more than 9000.

Aluminum Trioxide
In fact, laminate flooring has aluminum trioxide, but if the content is over certain value, the products is unqualified, so you need to choose flooring with national green certificate.

Density of Core Board
The density of core board should be in a certain value.

Installation Effect

Water-proof Performance
Although the water-proof performance is worse than vinyl flooring, we need to take into account. The higher the thickness swelling rare is, the better the performance appears.

Installation Effect
You need to check the height difference and opening distance of joined planks, or put some planks into installation, and observe whether the joining point is smooth, if the tongues and grooves are matched properly, neither too loose or too tight.

Lamiante Flooring

Some Reasons Why You Should Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has become one of the most popular flooring for building decoration. Now, here are some reasons why you should install laminate flooring for your house.

Durability: Laminate flooring has durable surface, which is very suitable for children and pets. The tough surface layer provide scratch and dent resistance, this character makes it has 25 year warranty.

Fade Resistance: Sun exposure will not cause laminate flooring to fade. Since you don’t have to use harsh cleaning products on the laminate, the finish will last longer and stay cleaner.

Economy: Comparing with solid flooring and engineered hard wood flooring, it is inexpensive, but still has a warranted life span encompassing at least 25 years.

Finish: You can choose any colors what you are interested such as imitation of natural materials, stone patterns, and we just printed these colors on the laminate flooring. There is a huge range of options for finished since the finish on laminate flooring is a photographic. In instead of having to pay more for more exotic wood finishes or patterns, the cost remains stable no matter what finish you are wanting fir your flooring.

Maintenance: Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain. You just need use damp mopping or vacuum to keep the flooring clean. It doesn’t need sanding or any of the traditional maintenance methods of hard wood flooring.

Lamiante Flooring

Tips to Detoxify Laminate Flooring

A lot of people think that it is not a good idea to use products which contain chemicals for sanitation of your floors. Here are some methods to solve the problems with the pollution.

Laminate Floors

Yes, vinegar can help you disinfect the entire surface of laminate flooring and erase all traces of pollution for a couple of minutes. You can use a mop with vinegar which was mixed with cold water to clean every part of your laminate floors. This advantage is that it will cost you little to get the better effects.

If the mop was filled with chemicals because of you use of various cleaning products. You have to buy a new mop without any pollution.

Alcohol is a great cleaner to erase stains. It is not necessary to prepare any expensive ingredients. For better effect, you can also add several drops of dish soap. It is very effective method to erase of stains and other unpleasant forms of grime from the surface of your laminate floors.

Two biggest problems of the laminate floors are hairs and the footprints. Well, you won’t have to worry about it any more, if you sweep the floors in your home every chance you get. Creating a routine will help you with the further cleaning of the laminate floors too. It is important to perform a sweeping first, otherwise it will be harder to remove the hairs and everything else later when the floor is wet.

Lamiante Flooring

Laminate Flooring VS Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Laminate flooring: it is produced using composite wood squeezed together at high temperatures.

Engineered hardwood flooring: it is produced using reaped trees and relying upon how intriguing the trees are will delineate the evaluating. The more is hardwood flooring is higher to purchase and to introduce.

Laminate flooring: it is made of squeezed wood, which is more strong and opposes scratches, dampness and wear and tear superior to engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring: it is more Eco-friendly than laminate flooring. It is gorgeous to look at and depending on the variety can add considerable value to your home. However, laminate flooring is difficult to focus natural effect. Normal for reused materials to be utilized, but at the same time is made with sap made out of melamine and formaldehyde.

Laminate flooring: it doesn’t repair effectively. If it was soaking serious, you have change it quickly.

Engineered hardwood flooring: it can be repaired by sanding, so its service life is longer than laminate flooring.

While confusing at first, differences between laminate flooring and engineered hardwood flooring become quite obvious when inspected closely. While the flooring market has an abundance of both types of materials, in most cases solid or engineered hardwood flooring is a wiser, healthier and more environmentally conscious choice than laminate.


How to choose laminate flooring color for kitchen?

Kitchen is the heart of family. Most people get together to share food and emotion, which must withstand heavy foot traffic and warm color. What type of color for the laminate flooring? Customers also choose the colors according to their desired result or the designer’s requirement. Actually, every room is different and requires a specific approach, depending on the desired end result. So you must choose the best color.

laminate flooring color

There is rule: light colors enlarge the room and dark colors make a room look smaller. If you have a dark space that you ought to pick a pale flooring to light up a bit. This will make the room lighter and it amplify it optically. Dark furniture and light wood floors consolidate exceptionally well and make amazing impacts.

Dark laminate flooring can be joined splendidly with dividers in light colors or with other dark colors which are utilized for highlights and embellishments. Gray laminate flooring and white laminate flooring can become live up by adding colorful accessories in the interior. Too many dark color will result in a gloomy effect with less light and a lack of atmosphere. Laminate flooring and furniture in the same color and woods is only possible if you have a carpet in a different contrasting color between them.

Lamiante Flooring


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